What is done in church funeral service?

As a Christian, every individual is entitled to a thoroughly organized funeral. Most of the funeral occurs in a church, crematorium, or anywhere with the presence of God. However, the church funeral service is the most recognized one. There are organizations that arrange the funeral service for the departed soul. While the near and dear ones may not be able to carry out the event properly due to grief, these organizations do it for them.

What happens in a church funeral service?

Many are not aware of the funeral service as they may not have that much experience. The service includes cremation, readings, hymns, prayer, and more. Some people can give a eulogy for the deceased and you can also arrange poetic reading or music in the memory of the person. There are several things that happen during a cremation service.

Before the funeral:

A vigil is organized before the actual funeral where the friends and family gather to pray. They exchange memories of the person, sing hymns, and read prayers. It is the time to be with each other and support each other.

On the day:

Entrance to the funeral: First, the friends and family gather at the crematorium. Pallbearers carry the coffin of the person to the ground or the room where the service is held. The appointed priest sprinkles holy water on the casket and reads a relevant passage from the holy bible.

Hymns and Prayers: Prayers are conducted for the departed soul and people also sing hymns.

Mass: Some funeral services arrange a mass of 30 mins where the priest performs Eucharist prayer.

Rite of Committal: The casket or the coffin is carried to the final burial ground where priests perform the rite of committal.

Burial: The final stage is done in the burial ground and the family and friends put some dust on the casket.

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