The Process of Embalming

Ever thought of immortalizing your loved ones even after their death? Embalming is one such technique that can help you achieve that. Wondering what that is? Well, embalming is the process of removing all the internal fluid from a deceased’s body and reinjecting it with a disinfectant solution to preserve the mortal remains in the best possible condition. This is done especially when you want a public viewing of the dead or for funerals where everyone can take a last look at the deceased and remember them in the best condition possible. Here is how it is done:

In the living body, essential bacteria and other microorganisms thrive naturally but as a person passes away these microorganisms don’t get a viable environment and can pass on to other parts and organs creating a visible change in colour and odour. In order to prevent that, a preservative fluid is pushed into the system so that the natural decaying process stops.

The embalming fluid mostly contains formaldehyde, a strong chemical that can prevent the further growth of bacteria and other microorganisms in the body. This fluid is pushed inside the body’s major arterial system which traverses to all parts of the body, potentially stopping the decay.

The process of embalming takes around 2 hours to complete and depending on the time of death and condition of the body, your funeral director will let you know about the duration till which the effect of embalming will last. Embalming not only ensures that the body is preserved in case the funeral is delayed but also lets people view and remember their loved ones in a good condition. If you are looking for a funeral service for your loved ones, Hosanna eternal services in Singapore offers the best ever professional embalming of your loved ones and organizes a full-fledged funeral service with every need taken care of. For more information, you can visit us at

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