If you need to bring your loved one’s body back home from abroad, Hosanna Eternal Services can certainly do the leg work. Our global partners, 24/7 assistance and years of experience allow us to provide a seamless service.

International Repatriation | Import | Hosanna Eternal Services


Hosanna Eternal Services is a trusted provider when it comes to repatriation to various countries all over the globe. Our services include:

  • Transfer of loved ones from local hospitals
  • Embalming using international standards
  • Documentation
  • Endorsement to authorities
  • Transportation of the body by air, sea, and land
  • Assigned funeral director


Hosanna will handle the coordination with local authorities and transportation of the remains back to Singapore. We can also help family members of the deceased travel to the country of death during this process.

When the body arrives in Singapore, we can extend our services to holding a wake and cremation or burial.

International Repatriation |Export | Hosanna Eternal Services

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