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Wherever we choose to have a funeral, it will reflect the unique life of the person with the help of music, hymns, reading, tributes, even the type of coffin. Church Funeral services are conducted in conjunction with the pastors of the church. The mood is often one of joy and hope in Church Funeral services. This is because Christians believe that life on earth is a temporary home and death is the door to Eternal Life. There is hope and comfort in the knowledge that when a Christian passes on, only the physical body perishes. The soul goes to Heaven, where it would be with Christ. This is why the phrase “Departed to be with the Lord” is so often used. Also, the term “See you again” supersedes “Goodbye” as there is a strong belief that Christians will all reunite in Heaven one day.

In Singapore, Church Funerals are usually decorated with white curtains and drapes, as the color white is usually associated with purity and peace. People in Singapore, like those in many other countries, do prefer to show themselves in dull colors as a sign of respect shown for the occasion. Family members usually wear a white round-collared neck T-shirt to show that they are related to the deceased in a Christian Funeral in Singapore. The Church Funeral services are arranged in two parts. The first part, The Service in the Church, may be used in church, home, or funeral parlor and the second part is The Service at the Cemetery.

All Church Funeral services in Singapore would have these elements: –

  1. Short prayer when dearly departed is brought back to wake venue.
  2. Night service was conducted by the church where there would be praise and worship.
  3. The final day service conducted by the church at the wake venue and then at the burial ground.
  4. Final tribute paid by laying the flowers by family and friends.


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