Funeral Providers

Whether you’re pre-planning or have just lost a loved one, finding the right funeral provider can be a painful experience. The particulars around death can make us uncomfortable and we avoid the topic until absolutely needed.

Here are 10 imperative things to think of before finalizing a funeral provider:

  1. How long have they been in business?
    Is the funeral provider locally owned or an independent business? Depending on your loved one’s or your choice, the number of years, a funeral provider has been in business for is important.
  2. Are services taken care of in-house or outsourced?
    Some funeral providers handle everything that’s needed, while others don’t. It could be possible for costs to increase for a funeral if the services are not in-house.
  3. What kind of funeral packages are offered?
    Funeral providers should have everything from an all-inclusive plan to basic packages as well at different costs. These may include consultations, arrangements, coordination with the church and/or cemetery and even the preparation of official documents.
  4. Do personal beliefs limit options?
    Funeral providers have all the options like embalming, cremation, viewing and burial. These can be customised as per your faith and personal beliefs.
  5. How much is the basic costs and what other expenses should you anticipate?
    You can ask a director of the funeral provider for a general cost list of all the services they provide. This will help you make an informed choice. Caskets and urns may not be on the list, so anticipate the total cost to be higher than what’s on the list.
  6. Can services be customised?
    Yes, depending on your funeral provider, services can be customised. Customisations may be charged more so discuss this in advance with them so that there are no last-minute hiccups.
  7. How do I pay?
    The first thing that needs to be done, is to check whether the funeral provider works with your insurance provider. The funeral provider should work with insurance on existing life insurance policies. They should have a system in place for help in arranging for financial assistance (if required). You can also pay a percentage of the total anticipated cost in advance to smoothen things during the process.

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