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A Catholic funeral is a religious service held for someone of the Catholic faith who has passed away. It serves as an important function for the survivors, who believe that the soul lives on after death. However, Catholics believe in a third destination for the soulPurgatory. Purgatory is for souls who have committed forgivable sins during their lifetime, and who may eventually end up in Heaven. Catholic funeral rites are divided into three parts: The wake, funeral Mass, and committal.

Having a Catholic funeral wake service before the funeral is a popular tradition. It may be held several days before the funeral and it usually takes place at night. There may be a Vigil Service, which is the Catholic religious term for a wake.

Some briefing about Catholic funeral wake services is: –

Purpose: –

The wake is a time for family and friends of the deceased to gather together in grief and remembrance of the one they loved. The wake also serves as a time for the family to prepare emotionally for the funeral that follows, with the guidance of the priest.

Prayer: –

It is a central part of a Catholic funeral wake service. It imbues the service with faith and aims to comfort the mourning. The prayers and biblical readings offered at a Catholic wake are as per the circumstances.

Words of Remembrance: –

The wake is considered the most appropriate time to deliver a eulogy or words of remembrance about the deceased. When delivering the eulogy, the speaker is expected to talk not just about the positive qualities of the deceased, but also about what God did for him and how God worked through him to do good for the world.

Homily: –

It is also called a sermon part of the Catholic funeral wake service. Homilies are delivered by priests. The homily is written to give hope to the grieving that their loved one is at peace and provide a sense of comfort.

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