Christian Funeral Package

A Christian funeral package is designed keeping in mind the importance of the religious beliefs and faith that the departed and their family & friends have. It is done in conformity with the customs and traditions of the Christian faith. A memorial and funeral service is held a week after death and per the wishes of the departed, if any.

The duration of a Christian funeral ceremony is of an hour but may last for days based on the beliefs and customs of the family. The burial follows a church service where loved ones gather and the Minister offers a prayer.

While choosing a Christian funeral package for your loved one, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. A service team: A Christian funeral package should include an operations team that will provide guidance and consult throughout the funeral process. Assistance with paperwork and administrative works such as venue booking, cremation or burial slot, etc. will be provided. This team will also lead the grieving family through the funeral process and the day itself.
  2. Casket and Embalming services: This is a vital process of a Christian funeral package. It shall include the collection of the departed’s body from the hospital or home and transportation to the embalming parlor. There, a licensed embalmer will complete the embalming process and another professional will wash, dress and apply make-up on the deceased.
  3. Preparations at the memorial ceremony: This would mean arranging for tents, chairs, tables, etc along with funeral decorations and a PA system. A photo enlargement service should also be included so that the family is not running from pillar to post. Floral arrangements are also included depending on the package chosen or the choices of the family. A condolence book can also be arranged for the loved ones to write their memories and wishes about the departed.
  4. Funeral hearse: A hearse is also included in the Christian funeral package to transport the departed’s body from the Church to the burial/cremation ground.

 A viewing service can also be arranged for in the Christian funeral package depending on the wishes of the departed or their family.

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