Hosanna Eternal Services is led by Ricky Guok, a familiar name among the Christian community in Singapore when it comes to bereavement services.

In 2000, Ricky was tasked to build and lead the operations team of Hosanna Bereavement Services Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of The Methodist Co-operative Society. Its purpose is to provide the Christian community with a one-stop service in bereavement matters, including casket supply, embalming, funeral wake setup, transportation and other ancillary services.

After more than 20 years of faithful service, Ricky was tasked to set up Hosanna Eternal Services Pte Ltd in 2021, to continue the legacy of this humble ministry.

Driven by the passion to serve, and equipped with decades of experience, Ricky is determined to ensure that Christians in Singapore are well supported during the difficult time of losing a loved one.

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